5 Ways Candles Can Help You De-stress

5 Ways Candles Can Help You De-stress - Tribal Unicorn Candle Bar

At Tribal Unicorn we are passionate about Mental Health and Wellbeing.
Here are a few ways that burning candles can help you to relax and reduce stress levels.
  1. Supports Your Sleep - the soft low light that candles emit can help to improve your quality of sleep. Try turning your main lights off and only use candlelight for the last hour before bed

  2. Improves Your Mood - scented candles can help to activate serotonin in the brain and put you in a positive mood!

  3. Keeps You Calm – floral candles (like Lavender Life!) can be a useful tool to help reduce anxiety

  4. Helps You To Relax -  candles have been proven to have a positive effect on mental health and can be combined with other wellbeing activities like yoga to increase relaxation

  5. Triggers Happy Memories – choosing a candle scent that reminds you of a joyful experience can help to comfort you and creates an overall sense of calmness. Find your signature scent here!

The psychological benefits of burning candles can promote feelings of joy, ease, focus and energy. At Tribal Unicorn we have a candle for everyone, take time out this Mental Health Awareness Month and de-stress with our calming luxury candles.

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